Bust your broke faster than ever

The one machine that has helped hundreds of companies over the past 30 years cut paper and plastic rolls faster, more safely,  more efficiently, and more profitably, no butts about it!
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The best way to cut Rolls!

Customized portable and standalone designs provide maximum versatility to cut all sizes of rolls for mills, converters, recyclers and printers.

Product Features

Maximize Value

Improve cash flow by cutting , consuming or selling the waste from your butt rolls fast.

Added Safety

Safely replace or improve inefficient, dangerous and outdated, methods for cutting broke rolls.

Save Time

Cut rolls in a fraction of the time, saving you time and money. 

More Space

Cutting large quantities of all size rolls quickly, frees up valuable floor space in your warehouse.

Increase mobility

Our functional design options allow for use in multiple areas of your operation(s)

Buy or Try First

You can rent first, but renter beware, it's only a matter of time.

Butt Buster Variations

Cantilever Attachment

Standalone Units

Portable Unit

From Concept To Completion

A perspective customer wanted to purchase a Butt Buster but had limited overhead space and needed some additional customization in order to utilize their existing lift truck.

Our design team and engineers came up with a perfect solution to accomodate all of their needs. The end result was the below low profile unit that was compatible with their existing Lift Truck and attachment.  

Let our team help solve your roll cutting needs like we did for this happy customer.

Why our customers love us?

Adam Kositzke
Fox River Fibers

“Our mill rented a Butt Buster to cut 18 full truckloads of paper rolls. The unit cut through the 60-inch diameter rolls like absolute butter!!! With two men, we plowed through all 18 trucks in just two short 8-hour days. Great piece of equipment for anyone in need of a portable roll cutting unit!”

Stock Prep Supervisor

"Even though we have a large stationary guillotine, we are using the “Butt-Buster” roll cutter in other parts of the mill to cut our internally generated broke rolls quickly efficiently and most importantly safely.  I don’t know how we managed for so long with out it.”

Katie Pierce
Tetra Pak, Inc. | Strategic MRO Buyer US & CA

“Our company had limited production space and the product we produce is possibly the most difficult material to cut. The Fiber Resource Group developed a fabulous solution to meet our space limitations and connect the Butt Buster to our lift truck, without any modifications. The end result was a huge success and we use the Butt Buster every day.”

Improve your Bottom Line with a Butt Buster.